Cadillac 4.6 Northstar Engine

99 Cadillac 4.6 Northstar Vin 9 Long Block

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Cadillac 4.6 Northstar 93-08 Long Block (Vin Y or 9)

Every high quality 4.6 Cadillac Northstar Engine that we build comes with:

Proper Block Strengthening techniques to ensure no more blown head gaskets (and without having to use the overpriced and unnecessary cylinder head studs)

Line boring with custom main bearings to eliminate out of round main bearing bores and any low oil pressure problems!!!

Complete Gasket Set
Viton Valve Stem Seals
New Timing Chains
GM timing gears
All New timing tensioners
New Hydraulic Lash Adjusters
New Oil Pump
New Pickup Screen
New TTY Head Bolts
New Hypereutectic Coated Skirt Pistons
New Hastings Chrome Piston Rings
New Federal Mogul/Clevite Bearings
Valve Covers, Oil Pan, Timing Cover

Each engine is tested 100% for oil leaks, oil pressure, compression, water leaks, and porosity before it leaves our facility.

Free shipping within the continental U.S.
Core return required (Core charge of $500 if no useable core to return)

Optional performance upgrades:
ARP Head Studs add $400 installed
Port and Polish heads add $799
Upgrade to VIN 9 Cams 93-99-only add $800

Promar also offers all earlier models of Cadillac engines as well

  • Cadillac 3.6 04-06 Long Block Engine $3999
  • Cadillac 4.9 91-95 Long Block Engine $3299
  • Cadillac 4.5 90-92 Long Block Engine $3299
  • Cadillac 368 80-85 Long Block Engine $3299
  • Cadillac 425 77-79 Long Block Engine $2899
  • Cadillac 472 68-76 Long Block Engine $3299

Free shipping within the continental U.S. (core return required)

And don’t forget the really old classic Cadillac restoration engines we offer as R and R’s

  • Cadillac 500 68-76 Long Block Engine $3299
  • Cadillac 429 64-67 Long Block Engine $3299
  • Cadillac 390 59-63 Long Block Engine $3299
  • Cadillac 365 56-58 Long Block Engine $3599
  • Cadillac 331 49-55 Long Block Engine $3899
  • Cadillac 346 37-48 Long Block Engine $4299

Free shipping each way within the continental U.S. (long blocks only)

As you can see Promar really has you covered on all of your Cadillac engine needs.

We take great pride in our ability to restore the Performance to your Northstar. Check out our competitive pricing and our great warranty and you will know who the true Cadillac experts are.